Germany’s warmest wine region it offers a wide range excellent wines

Since Summer 2018 I am happy to offer wine tours to the beautiful Baden wine region. As Germany’s warmest wine region it offers a wide range of both excellent red & white wines.
From the map below you can also see that it is the longest of Germany’s 14 wine regions, stretching over 400km.


German wine regions

On this tour we will focus on the two most famous of Baden’s 9 sub regions – the Kaiserstuhl & the Ortenau.


The Kaiserstuhl and its surrounding area is a region of intense wine growing. Wines from the Kaiserstuhl have achieved an excellent reputation which has by now become international. The bigger part of the available area is covered with vineyards. They are either run as parts of winemaking cooperatives or are private property or property of private vineries. Because of the volcanic soils, vines grow particularly well.

Varietals grown in the Kaiserstuhl: Müller-Thurgau, Riesling, Silvaner, Ruländer, Blue Spätburgunder, Grauburgunder, Weißer Burgunder, Gewürztraminer.

We will visit a selection of VDP (group of elite winemakers) wineries in the region. For example;

Dr. Heger, Ihringen – Stigler, Ihringen – Bercher, Vogtsburg

The Ortenau district of Baden lies just above the Kaiserstuhl. Here are focus will be the delightful village of Durbach and it’s 17 wineries. A highlight is the Staufenberg Castle where one can enjoy panoramic views of the local vineyards and look across at the Rhine Valley, even seeing Strasbourg & it’s distinctive Cathedral in the distance.

Duration: 9 hours
Price: €1250 Up to 6 people

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