Tour through the beautiful Schwetzingen Castle and Garden

Created by Prince Karl Theodor in 1754, the expansive palace garden is divided into two distinctively styled areas – a manicured, ornate French Garden and a more wild and spacious English Garden.
Covering a huge 78 hectare area, the grounds are teeming with interesting features – beautiful mythological statues, Greek and Roman Temples, fountains, outdoor theatres, a Roman aqueduct and the only surviving full scale Mosque in any European Garden.

The Schwetzingen Palace is truly an oasis of beauty and tranquility.

Duration: Garden tours last 4 hours. A public guided tour of the castle lasts an additional 1 hour.
Transportation: All tours include private transportation in my car. Transport for larger groups can also be arranged.
Price: €565 – 1 to 6 People Per Group

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