Exclusive private tour of the Heidelberg Castle, Germany

80 meters above the idyllic town Heidelberg lay the ruins of a castle dating back to the 13th century. This guided, personalized castle tour will take you inside Heidelberg Castle’s ruins to explore the many phases of building and the fascinating history of this legendary Castle. My Heidelberg Castle tours are in English.

Discover the fascinating History of Heidelberg Castle, Germany


Our private Heidelberg Castle tour begins by the Rupert’s Building, the oldest part of the castle, built in 1400.
Then we will walk around the part of the castle built during the second phase of construction in 1543 – including a curious sporting feature, a closer look at the extensive moat and ramparts.
Our next stop on the Heidelberg Castle tour is the English Building, built in 1607 to mark the marriage of Frederick V to his English bride, Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of King James the First of England. We’ll also see the large hole at the bottom of this section of the castle where the French army tried to blow it up!
Next comes the stately and impressive King’s Hall, the centerpiece of the Heidelberg castle interior today. Here is where princes and princesses would once dance the night away.
In 1900, extensive restoration was done to the outside of the Friedrich’s Building, originally constructed in 1599 in the renaissance style. Today we can enjoy these restoration efforts to the Heidelberg Castle and imagine the lavishness with which Germany’s leading families would have lived in the 1600s.

This tour also includes a stroll around the castle’s legendary garden. As your guide, I offer a wealth of knowledge about the historical era during which the Heidelberg Castle was built. Learn all about the daily lives of its residents, the incredible medieval art it houses, and drama of its fascinating history.

Duration: Approximately 2.5 hours
Price: €350 – 1 to 6 People Per Group

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