Hiking Tours of the Philosophenweg, Königstuhl, and Odenwald

The Neckar Valley and Odenwald Forest offer incredible hiking along with a fascinating and turbulent history. Follow the footsteps of Goethe and Schiller up the Philosphenweg, climb to the highest point over the city, visit a sprawling and secluded amphitheater built by the Nazis, or enjoy the towering trees and blissful silence of the vast Odenwald.

Take a break from the city and head into the forest! Hiking tours are completely customisable according to your desires. Whether you are interested in hiking the Philospher’s Way, the Odenwald, or any other trail in the area, I can make recommendations for optimal routes. The forests are filled with beautiful lookouts and some secluded and fascinating architectural works. Opportunities for geo-cacheing and cycling are also available.

Duration: Flexible
Price: Quotes available on request or you can book on my website.

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