The perfect introduction to Heidelberg’s Altstadt and famous castle

On this 4 hour walking tour of Heidelberg’s Altstadt, we will stroll around the charming “Old Town” with its atmospheric old buildings and fascinating history. Starting at the University Square, we will learn about the origins of Heidelberg University, the oldest in Germany, dating back to 1386.

As we make our way through the Altstadt, you’ll have the opportunity to stand on the very plaque where Martin Luther gave an important speech back in 1518. Then we will visit the notorious ‘Student Prison,’ where misbehaving students were locked up as punishment. Here we can also enjoy the University Museum and see the very old hall, ‘Alte Aula’, where the university graduations take place.
Then it’s on to see the Jesuit Church, the main Catholich church in town, followed by the Heilige Geist Protestant church in the bustling Market Square.
From here it’s just a short walk down to the Neckar River to see the iconic Old Bridge and enjoy the wonderful view of the valley and castle.
As we make our way up to the castle, we’ll pass by two beautiful squares and the imposing Town Hall, built in 1710.

Up at the Heidelberg Castle we have 700 years of history to explore, including the magnificent courtyard with it’s fine renaissance buildings, the largest wine barrel in the world, and some great views of the city. Plus walking around the expansive Castle Garden, once considered the 8th wonder of the world for it’s pioneering design. Today it is a pleasant area to walk around, relax and enjoy being in ‘Germany’s most beautiful town’.

Duration: Choice of 2, 3, or 4 hours
Price: Private Tour – €2955.00/Person

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