What better place for a wine tasting than in the Heidelberg Castle wine cellar? Featuring the world’s largest wine barrel, this highly atmospheric location is ideal for travelers interested in history as well as viticulture. Following an optional private tour of the castle, your group will receive an exclusive sampling of white, red, and rose wines from several of Germany’s wine regions including local Heidelberg wineries.

What tasting notes are to be found in a glass from a Heidelberg winery? Guiding us through this enticing journey of Heidelberg wines and viticulture history will be the castle’s own sommelier – an expert at bringing each wine to life with fascinating information about the production, history, and tasting notes.
These Heidelberg wine tastings can also be combined with a private tour of the inside the Heidelberg Castle or a more general tour of the courtyard and outer buildings.

Sample some of the finest Heidelberg wines in the ruins of the ancient castle

Heidelberg Castle Wine Barrel


Also known as the Heidelberg Tun and Großes Fass, the Heidelberg Castle wine barrel is the largest in the world. Its construction reputedly required 130 full-sized oak trees and the fass can hold up to 221,726 litres (58,574 gallons). Only rarely being used to hold wine since it was constructed in 1751, the Heidelberg Castle wine barrel now features a dance floor constructed on top of it. No Heidelberg wine tasting is complete without a visit to the Tun!

However you choose to spend your time, the whole of the splendid castle courtyard is open for you to wander about. The castle’s Grand Balcony offers wonderful views of the city, best enjoyed after a leisurely tasting of several local Heidelberg wines.

Duration: 2.5 hours, including Castle & Garden tour
Price: Base price ~ €240. + 1 Person – €120.00, 2 People – €150.00, 3 People – €180.00, 4 People – €210.00, 5 People – €240.00, 6 people -€270, 7 people €300
Options:. Larger group bookings possible on request. (A Private room can accommodate up to 150 guests)

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