Speyer the City of the Cathedral and the Emperors

The fascinating town of Speyer lies just 30 mins SWest of Heidelberg. It has one of the world’s most impressive Cathedrals. It is the largest Romanesque structure in the world and dates back to 1030, when it was built to be the burial site of the Emperors. It has been a ‘World Heritage Site’ since 1981. Visitors will be truly inspired by the awesome dimensions of this building as well as keen to know more about it’s fascinating history.
Upstairs in The Cathedral is the, ‘Emperors’ Hall’ where an impressive collection of Religous paintings can be viewed. After that one can climb up to the top of one of the towers. From here one can look down on the whole Cathedral plus enjoy panoramic views of the town, the Rhine River and the surrounding area.

After enjoying the wonders of the Cathedral one can then take a tour of the Old Town of Speyer. Here one can learn how the Protestant religion has it’s roots in the town when Martin Luther and his revolutionary idea’s were officially out-lawed at the ‘Diet of Speyer’ in 1529. Today Speyer has the oldest city gate in the whole of Germany.

Then it’s time for lunch in a traditional German restaurant with it’s own authentic beer garden. They also brew their own beer on the premises, which is well worth trying. This also used to be the establishment where former German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, would bring his esteemed visitors. Prost!

After lunch we have the opportunity to visit one of Germany’s most unique Museums. ‘The Technik Museum’ houses an amazing array of machines & German inventions from all kinds of classic cars to a 747 Jumbo Jet to a Russsian Space Shuttle. You can happily spend hours walking around the spectacular range of exhibits. There is also an IMAX Movie Theatre on site if you require some extra entertainment.

Duration: 7 hours
Price: €865 for up to 6 people.

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